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Silence Is Violence

When SilenceIsViolence was just beginning as an organization, David came to me and offered to help with a website. He created a quality site for us, updated the site when we needed it, and has been an invaluable supporter and resource for SilenceIsViolence over nearly 10 years now. GLC is perfect for non-profits. Pricing fits your budget! - Ms. Jackson, Baty Landis
Role we played: Developers - Type of job: Print & Web

The mission of the Silence is Violence is to call upon both citizens and public officials to achieve a safe New Orleans across all communities. They engage youth in positive expressions and actions to counter the culture of violence. They demand respect for every life, and justice for every citizen in our city.

We wanted to strick a somber yet powerful balance with the feel of the silence is violence website, the content is heart wrenching and informative and we needed to create a respectful and hopeful air.

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