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GLC has been crucial in maintaining this international platform for logo designers and enthusiast for the past 10 years, we would not know what to do without them. - Logopond Team
Role we played: Developers - Type of job: Web

Rebranding for this community was a welcome challenge, creating a brand that stood out among the host of talented logo designers on the site was an incredible journey in embodying the best in what a brand stands for. We kept it simple and related to the past logo which we think tells the story of the site, 'a pool or reservoir for designers to steep themselves in'. Creatives from all skill levels are welcome to the site so creating something inviting and not to over the top was needed.

We also created a new modern layout for the viewing of the identities on showcase. They needed to maintain a logo centric focus but also highlight the artist, the 'who' behind each piece, so we endeavored to bring each user closer to the fore while keeping the logos and branding center stage.

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